Who We Are

Providing Over 30 Years of Institutional Real Estate Experience, Advice and Service to Clients:

LDC Advisors provides real estate entitlement and development advice, strategic guidance, and development related services to some of the most significant investors and land owners in the nation.

The firm’s partners, Frawn Morgan and Geoff Le Plastrier, bring decades of real estate development experience to LDC Advisors and have worked together since 1998. Their experience provides clients a unique understanding of the financial, logistical, and operational aspects of real estate development and equity participation.

The Company’s business plan is based on LDC’s ability to deliver high-quality, objective, customized real estate advice and development services to institutional investors, lenders, private owners, foundations, and family offices.

With many relationships spanning decades, LDC Advisors provides clients with a range of services including due diligence of both property and partner operations, strategic planning, repositioning, entitlement and disposition of land, as well as asset and development management services. We are advisors, specialists, strategists and fiduciaries to our clients and are fundamentally grounded in the objective of providing capable, efficient and accurate performance, helping bridge the gap between real estate risk and investor return requirements.

What We Do

LDC Advisors was formed to address the unique investment requirements of real estate developers, financial institutions, public sector entities, private investors, pension funds, institutions, and land owners investing and managing assets across multiple real estate sectors.

The firm’s growth and reputation are due in large part to the depth of understanding of our clients’ and partners’ needs, our technical expertise in executing projects and assessments, and the capability and experience of the principals and staff. With expertise in real estate investment, planning, and development LDC has evolved into one of the top independent real estate advisory firms in the country. With over thirty years of experience in delivering third party investment opinions and development solutions, LDC has uniquely adapted over multiple economic cycles to assist clients in navigating the highly divergent domestic real estate markets. Capable of providing advice across a variety of investment types and geographic areas, LDC are experts in both land development and home building with specific expertise in:

  • Entitlements
  • Land Development
  • Single-family and Multifamily Investments
  • Due Diligence
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Urban and Mixed Use
  • Home Building and Construction
  • Construction Oversight and Fund Control
  • Oil Field Remediation/Redevelopment
  • Expert Witness Representation
Guiding Principles

We are successful because our value system supports our efforts.

  • Quality – Operate with accountability, responsibility, and transparency
  • Efficiency – Provide unique, comprehensive, timely and practical advice.
  • Innovation – Utilize extensive experience to inform decisions and advance new ways of thinking for each assignment.
  • Culture – Support a working environment rooted in knowledge, collaboration, trust, and growth.